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Friday, December 2, 2016

Wild horses couldn't drag me away.....

I have a new pet peeve.  It seems to be cropping up everywhere and drives me crazy.

Drug is a noun - that is, it is a person, place or thing.  In this case, a thing.  A drug is a medicinal concoction, a thing that is taken or administered.  Whendrugged generally has a negative connotation.  "She was drugged so he could take advantage of her."  Or, "He drove the car into the ditch because he was drugged." 
someone is "drugged" they have had a medicinal intervention of some sort.  To be

To drag is an entirely different word and concept.  Ok, so, when one takes something and pulls it around forcefully or with difficulty, one is dragging something.  To drag something is a verb, an action word.  When you drag something and you are done dragging it, the thing has been dragged.  It is not "drug" because a drug is a thing and to take many drugs leads to being drugged.  It is completely different than being dragged.  NOT the same thing. 

That's all - other than the fact the people on television who are paid professionals making large salaries for speaking on television should know better.  SOMEONE should know better and correct them.